Afro puff

I just did an Afro puff. But my hair has gotten a bit long so, it doesn’t look so much as a puff. I mean it’s sticking out if that makes sense. The weather was good so this was the style for the day. The headband is cute. I got it from forever21.

Natural hair and color

I’ve experimented with coloring my 4c natural hair. This picture was when I bleached it and it became orange. It wasn’t the color I was going for…..and later I dyed it more and then toned it…

I went from orange to this color 😭😭😭. I hated it! So I quickly went back to black lol. I’ve colored my hair over the years and I loved it but there were some cons to coloring my natural hair. First of all, it was more dry than usual so I had to pay more attention to it. It changed my curl pattern but only when it was wet because normally when it dried it went back to its 4c pattern lol. But the pros were….it was different, I liked how some of the colors looked on me. I’m usually a reserved person so I’m surprised on how much I like dying my 4c natural hair. I should stop though because I end up dying it back to black lol. 😅


Every natural person has shrinkage! However, I think 4c hair has like 99.99% shrinkage lol. This was my hair after I washed it on December 22. Look at that shrinkage! I honestly don’t know why people hate having shrinkage I think it’s just part of the natural hair process. I personally don’t care because I know it’s not the length of my hair.

Now this is my hair after it’s been styled and taken out of twists so this is the best twist out I can get lol. Relatively, there’s still shrinkage because my hair will still stretch after I pull it down. My message to other natural hair people is to embrace the shrinkage. It’s part of our hair so go with the flow that’s my motto.

Natural hair the Journey

Thanks for joining me!

My journey with my 4c natural hair. I’ve been natural for 7-8 years now and it’s been hectic. I cut off my relaxed ends because I wanted healthy hair. But I didn’t know how to take care of my hair. I didn’t even know that I was going natural. All I knew was no more relaxers! I kept buying products one after the other. To put it simply, I became a product junky. Then, I would put my hair in box braids. I would take a 2-3 month break then I’ll put in another box braids. My hair grew due to putting it in a protective style and just leaving it alone. I found out with trial and error what worked for my hair. It loved Jamaican black castor oil and shea butter so I stuck with that. 4c natural hair is not that easy because it’s the kinkiest hair. 4c natural hair is a journey within a journey.